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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by NATLBNKILR, 9/1/11.



    Well... here's another eBay seller NOT to waste any time with. Tommy Hilliard/thill1210 on eBay was really quick to answer all of my questions BEFORE I bid and eventually won a pair of Marine Fade Frogskins. I paid for the auction IMMEDIATELY through PayPal. One of my questions before bidding was if he was able to ship them the next day, even offering him extra money to make sure I received them in 5 days due to leaving for vacation. He said "No Problem".... Apparently, it WAS a problem. Still haven't seen them and he hasn't responded to any of my emails since.

    Before I asked questions or bid on the Frogskins, I looked at the Feedback for thill1210... it WAS 100%. As I've been waiting for them to arrive, it appears that he's got another victim. 1 Negative Feedback was left... for the EXACT same reason.

    BEWARE of thill1210... he is an example of one of the BAD APPLES on eBay.

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  2. MrSneis


    :( Get on that Paypal dispute!



    Yes sir MrSneis... Already on that!!!!

  4. Bonank Kh

    Bonank Kh

    and the result ???

  5. Peeza21


    I hope you either have got your merchandise or your money back since this incident!!

  6. the piper

    the piper

    I hear ya..I am at the point I stop all ordering 2 weeks b4 vacation because this has happened to me in the past ..My favorite is when they say it was sent a few days ago and the postmark will show they JUST sent it...

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