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Those chinese & indonesian online sellers are at it again. Look at this one a new Oakley Mars, Penny & Romeo Fakes they're selling.

Fake Oakley Mars

Fake Oakley Romeo


Fake Oakley Penny

Looking Cool right? Custom? yup they're cool & looks custom but their 110% Proven Fake. 1 Example, there's no such thing as a Plasma Frame & even a Gold Frame Oakley mars. All of the frames of an Oakley mars are X-metal (material wise) only.

Don't be fooled by these pesky fake oakley sellers. yup they're 1:1 ratio quality but it's Fake & Un-Authentic. Just look at the end of the earstems it's Curved & the Black Gaskets are surely missing.

On a personal note this bootleg fakes kinda disgust me as an oakley x-metal series collector. sheesh...

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Hahahaaaa... Those were a joke, seriously if you get burned on those you can call me for a bridge I have for sale...

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