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I figure I would start with a little about me and how I found Oakley. I have always been somewhat of a "brand whore". When I was younger, I wore nothing but Adidas and a few other sport brands. I always have had lots of shoes and hats, but I also wore Rx glasses from the time I was young. My first pair of Oakleys was a pair of Eyejackets in high school. I loved them, but never had more than the one pair. I had a few Oakley goggles over the years, but not any other sunglasses. I eventually lost the EJs and replaced them with a pair of Gascans. That would suffice for a while because I only wore contacts for sports and had transition lenses in my Rx glasses. Well, two years ago I got LASIK and everything changed.

I started with a pair of Fives Squared for daily use and then my eBay obsession and my Oakley obsession started to play off each other and I was in trouble. While researching pairs I was trying to get, I found this place. I lurked for a while and then I needed a pair identified, so I joined and then I was in a lot of trouble. I was happy with my O-matter for a time, but then the inevitable happened and I found X-metals...BIG TROUBLE! The rest is history...

I am not a very social person and I am definitely not a social media person. I have no facebook account or instagram. Honestly, I did not expect to stick around but the combination of knowledge and good people has been something I have enjoyed immensely. I do most of my posting on my phone, so I usually keep it short or just give out likes. However, that doesn't mean I spend any less time enjoying the daily happenings. The people here share a passion and I don't see much of the typical internet BS. So, I would like to thank everyone who makes this place awesome!

Also, I feel like every good milestone post needs an unveiling. So... I have been sitting on a pair for a little bit. Then I found another pair that went sooo well with it... then I found some lenses. I think every collection needs to be at least a little bit Elite!


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Wow! Slow start, but a string finish it looks like lol. Glad we ask have you here! Thanks for the "about me". I liked that. PS, who didn't love a good (brand) whore?! Hehe.


The Eclectic Collector
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