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For Oakley Frogskins collector's there's a new member for the Frog Family & they're Limited to 30 & sold exclusively on BKRW's facebook shop page

BKRW X Oakley Frogskins



Press info:
rought to you in part by Oakley and Parisian retail/creative concept BKRW. Splashed with dazzling lines in a geometric pattens on white or blue bases, the sunglasses add a slight European twist to the icon of American causal style. Limited to only 30 pairs per colorways, the hard to come by items will be available starting today through BKRW Facebook page and this Friday, July 1st, at it BLACKRAINBOW Paris storefront.

Release Dates:
Now – BKRW Facebook Page
July 1st, 2011 (Friday) – BLACKRAINBOW Paris

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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New Jersey
I had the site up the whole day waiting for them to pop... I pushed checkout and it turned into french. Needless to say I couldn't figure out the next button. So pissed.


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Missed these by seconds
Ditto, in fact I had them in the shopping cart and then when I went to checkout, they'd gone - it was like they literally slipped through my fingers.

Seen them on ebay, one seller asking for over £1k, another for £500-ish. Not worth it IMHO.

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