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Black Iridium Polarized Vs OO Black Polarized


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Allentown, PA
What's the difference between the two? I own both and the OO seems a bit more lighter and higher contrast, Is this true?

What's your opinions?

Which ones do you guys/girls seem to like more?

Or how about Black Iridium Polarized vs OO Black Polarized vs VR28 Black Iridium Polarized? :twisted:

Also which lens is harder to see into from the outside of the lens? Such as other people viewing your eyes and such? (Probably a dumb question but I'm just curious).

All of these seem to have about the same category to be used in and light transmission. (Close anyway)
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Yeh the OO is supposed to have better contrast and I believe show colors better. I like the OO lenses, they are different and I see an improvement in contrast, however I am not that picky, I am fine with both, and wear both often. Whether or not people can see your eyes, doesn't depend on the color of the lens as much as if have an "iridium" coating, When Oakley says "Black Iridium" compared to "Grey", the iridium tells you it has the reflective coating that makes it appear mirror like.

Also here is another thread on this topic: http://www.oakleyforum.com/threads/black-iridium-polarized-or-oo-black-iridium-polarized.3516/
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I have the B.I.P. havent tried OO but from what Ive read the polarization is like De-tuned(Less) for easier reading of lcd screens such as on your car stereo.
I wouldnt get OO lens cause I fish often and need the better polarized lens for seeing through the water.
The difference is the base lens. Techniqually, the Iridium coating is the same on both - but because the base lens on OO Black Iridium Polarized is much lighter. Black Iridium Polarized is a Grey Polarized lens with a Black Iridium coating. OO Black Iridium Polarized is a base lens called OO with a Black Iridium coating. OO is most similar in color to the G30 base lens, which is a rose-based color. Oakley will actually be making G30 Polarized in select styles later this year. Maybe they are already replacing OO?
i would also like to know how easily you see through the lenses of the oo black iridium compared to regular black iridium. i'm looking into some oo black iridiums, but i also hate when you can see someones eyes through the lenses. i searched for pics, but i can't find anything but the stock pics which aren't real and dont show anything
I have a custom order in for the holbrook with oo black iridium polarized lenses. I've read some people say the oo is less mirrored than the black iridium polarized and I've read people say the oo is more mirrored. I had tried the black iridium polarized lenses and they were too flashy for me. Can I expect the same thing from the oo? I can modify my order as far as I know.