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Blade Watch


Oakley Beginner
sent my 4 year old blade away for clasp repair.contacted by oakly- they no-longer have that part in stock.
I can have it in highly polished chrome ,which is not the same as the rest of the strap
I can have the whole strap replaced,which is different to the watch
or they will give me 40% of a new watch.

I have a minute watch, a judge watch as well.
They still charged me £25 for mismatch part
Do you think this is good customer service:

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Before I send anything anywhere, I always ask if there is a fee to look something over. hat fe could include the technicians time, return shipping , etc. Now they should have at least let you know this before they gave you an RMA to send the item to them. Did you tell them what you needed and they they inform you they had the part before you shipped it?

yes talked to them said £25, 4 weeks later ,they aint got the part,come on you pay 300 plus for a watch and they fob u off with **** customer service.
Thought oakly were a respected brand, well i for one am totally ****ed off with them, they can stick all thier watches where the sun don't shine.
will never ever buy this brand again,even electronics brands keep spare parts for ten years ,complete and utter ****.
will tell the world how i have been treated.
feeling a bit better ,but still £360 pile of bollux

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