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Blends on ebay


I would go on the side of fakes. The colors look pale on the front to me and the fade is inconsistent with an authentic pair I was referencing. @OGfrog might be able to chime in

Plus the unpainted hooks are definitely throwing me off

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Photos of the box is not shown, the frog guru would need those to check authenticity. Details are lacking.

Guys need to confirm this asap coz Franks money is ready to fly to UK auction?
It was funny. I looked at eBay to find these for about 10 minutes. Finally said ****IT and replied about the link.

Your in the hunt ha? i saw one in Australia auction in top dollar, that one is guaranteed authentic.
Not hunting. Just wanted to see. But damn. Why couldn't I find it is beyond me.


I notice this guy says box is pictured but I don't see it clearly