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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by NATLBNKILR, 8/21/11.



    I just wanted to share this experience I had with the Oakley Warranty Dept. As the title states, I found a spot on my BMX Chrome Jawbone frame that started to peel. It's asmall spot on the left arm that contacts my face, right above the rubber. Of course, I wasn't happy! So I called the Oakley Warranty Dept to see "if" they could help me. The first guy I got on the phone put me on hold for 10 minutes, came back and asked if I had my receipt... and as luck would have it, I lost it. He said, that they do not have/and could not get the Chrome frame any longer. This was not much of a surprise as they were a Limited Edition, however I made the case that "if" Oakley truly warranties their product for a year, they should be able take care of their customer. He said that he could get another frame color for me, for a $50 fee (because I didn't have proof of when I got them). The catch was, even if I agreed to that, I would have to ship my Chrome frame back due to the warranty replacement. I declined and asked to speak to his manager. After waiting for a few more minutes, his manager picked up my call. I explained to her what had happened and the options that were given. There was absolutely no way that I was going to send my Chrome frames +$50 for a pair of run of the mill Jawbones. She heard me out, looked at my order history (didn't buy the BMX directly fromthem) then did something that I wasn't expecting.... she gave me list of stock frame colors that they currently had in stock and asked me to pick one. I chose the Matte White frame from the list and she said they'd be shipped on the next business day at NO COST to me. Then she told me to keep my original BMX Chrome frame for my display. Not exactly the best outcome because I really wanted them to honor their one year warranty and replace with the same frame, but... I can't complain too much with a new Jawbone frame. I read so many bad/unsatisfactory stories about the Oakley customer service that I wanted to share a good one.

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  2. OBlazer


    Its good to hear a satisfactory ending to a customer service story. enjoy the new bones

  3. Razerwire


    I haven't really had a bad experience with them per se.

    The closest I got to a somewhat bad experience was when I sent in my Juliet for a tune-up. The screw heads on the T6 screws on the hinges had been stripped because my dumbass overtightened them on one occasion. That meant that I could no longer tighten the hinges. Needless to say the hinges became loose over time so I finally called up the service line to find out what my options were.

    They told me I could send them in to see if they're repairable. I figured since it's only two stripped screw heads that there should be no problem with them just popping them out and putting in new screws.

    So I send them in and wait. I called a few days later to make sure they got them in the mail and to see if it would be an easy fix. To my surprise, they tell me that they have to replace the entire frame. But since it's under warranty that there would be no charge whereas if it was just a tune-up there'd be the $65 fee. I figured they knew what they were talking about so I opted to replace the entire frame even though I thought it was rather weird that the entire frame had to be replaced just for two stripped screw heads. I mean, two new screws would've easily done it since it was the heads that were stripped and not the threads. But again, I figured they were the professionals and not me.

    They told me that the entire process of replacement wouldn't take more than a week or two which was perfect since I wanted them back before I took a trip overseas.

    So I waited.

    And I waited.

    And I waited.

    And I waited.

    And I waited.

    Finally at what was about five or six weeks later, I could not wait anymore. It was a week before I left the country and I sorely wanted my Juliet for the trip. I called them up and asked them if it was possible to just return the old pair to me. Thankfully they didn't get rid of my old pair and the employee managed to get me two day shipping for free.

    Imagine my surprise when they got here and I opened the box to see my old Juliet with two new screws on the hinges.

    So ALL THIS TIME they could've just replaced the screws but didn't until the last minute. LOL

    In the end, I was happy to have my old frame back before my trip. Didn't mind that they charged me the $65 fee since they did tune it up. Everything was right as rain. :D

  4. BAPD77

    BAPD77 Premium Member

    Well if u wanna rid urself of those horrible chrome peeling frames, let me know and ill take them off ur hands :-D!

  5. jonoyong

    jonoyong Staff Member Premium Member

    Nice one Stephen! =)



    Yea... Good Luck with that. Sorry man, they are not leaving my collection. It was a gallant effort thou...

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