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  1. DG85

    DG85 Oakley Enthusiast

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    I purchased the last set of Ruby lenses from a local O store, I got a nice little discount because....they aren't cut properly from factory. Essentially, one of the lenses is a tad bit too large and doesn't allow the T6 screw to join the orbitals together, there's maybe 2mm of gap between the gasket and the orbital.

    I sent the frames in for service along with a copy of the receipt the next day. After waiting 2 months for them to service the frames and replace the lenses...I got them in the mail back yesterday.

    I wasn't expecting them to send back the old lenses, but they DID! So now I have a fresh pair and a pair that with a little bit of work can be a fresh backup pair.

    My hopes are I can trim the lenses or if it was cost effective, I would send them out to someone who specializes in this.
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  2. Stefan84

    Stefan84 Oakley Beginner

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    Well I wouldn't try it my self. You probably do more harm than good. There are a few members here in Forum that do lenses. Infinitehero and xmetalmaniac for example. Maybe a local optician can help you too with the cutting.
  3. marc2040

    marc2040 Guest

    Since you are in the US grab a cheap set of Pit Bull lenses of off oakleyvault for just $29.99 and contact one of the pros Stefan pointed out.