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Bob Head Spike Project


Oakley Beginner
hello fellow mad scientist and all around enthusiasts. I am working on a leather and aluminum bob head spike project and I am desperately trying to find find some thin pliable leather similar to what was used on the mars jordans. if anyone has any information pertaining to what vendor oakley may have used to obtain said leather or just knows where I could get something similar. this info would be greatly appreciated. I will post picks of the thing when I am finished with it that is if I can find what I need.
Welcome to the forum! Interesting project you got going there. I'm not sure where to source specific leather, but i imagine since your project is so unique, you may not get a lot of help here with regards to leather goods.

I can tell you that i've seen people on the Oakley Facebook page where they have customized their pairs of Mars with different colored leather. Looks pretty neat. Coolest one i've seen to date is a mars crater with red leather.

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