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Brand new EVZero Swift mirrored film cracking at the top center

I have several Radarlocks, really like them. Plan to try an EV one day.
Ended up going with the Radarlock. While i was in the store, the rep was recommending i might check out the Prizm field vs. the golf, for brighter light on the courts. I like both. Went online to figure it out last night and the Radarlock with prizm field specifically, was 50% off, so the decision was made for me lol Will probably grab the golf lenses too next time i catch a sale. I will say that with the EV, i like the idea of the ventilation at top.

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I'll be honest. I've very seldom hear people have good luck returning or exchanging for lens issues. But..

If you go back to the store I would not refer to that as a scratch. That is iridium delamination/cracking which ,unfortunately, Oakley seems like they have never been able to solve. Scratches are not covered by any warranty, you might be able to pull it off by stating its a iridium delamination issue. The other unfortunate thing is that most store employee's are not overly competent on things like this, so that might hurt you as well.
Hey thanks for the advice. somehow missed this comment before i went there, but fortunately i got lucky and there was a very knowledgeable employee there who seemed to recognize this for what it was and they made it right :) do you know if this is this an issue that happens to all lenses randomly or is more common to specific models? i just ordered the Radarlock to replace these. Aside from that, I've only ever worn frogskins but have had a few pairs of prizms and theyve all held up.