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Romeo 1 Gold iridium upgrade kit.
X-metal etched Gold Iridium lenses,
Rootbeer rubber kit (with earsocks, small and big nosebombs and 15-25-50-75 T-shox) + 2 screws for orbitals.
All parts is brand new and OEM!
Looking for Pit Boss 1 Matte Rootbeer-Bronze / Tungsten Iridium Polarized (with value negotiation).

But interested in Ducati PB1, Indy 500 and C-Six too.
I have for trade more pair brand new R1 lenses (Gold iridium and Fire Iridium too), black and rootbeer rubber kits, new Mars Emerald lenses, R1 jordan, like new 000770 serialized Plasma/Fire R1 in matched box. XX in all colors........

Please do not ask me about the price, because i'll trade only!!!

R1 Gold 1.jpg

R1 Gold 2.jpg

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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OMG I want...errr......need those fire R1 lenses........

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