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Bring On The Hate! Chrome FMJ Fast Jackets Times TWO!


Pronounced, "Spliced"
Los Angeles, CA
Sorry folks, but not for sale. This second pair is for JOBEN. He found the 2nd pair on the LA CL and asked if i would help him pick them up.

Couldn't resist taking a couple pics of them together before i box them up and ship them out to him.

Jade lenses = Mine
Blue lenses = His
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I am drooling, the minute I read this I went directly to craigslist for my area but had no luck...darn...
So are these rare? You can still get them in the UK.

Rare for now. So far only Oakleynerd, myself, and now JOBEN have a pair on this site. No one else (to my knowledge) has a pair. There's a few online retailers that are advertising an availability date of 11/2/11, but i think stock is VERY limited. I believe Oakley is only selling (through select retailers) what was produced before they decided the chrome finish was going to cause warranty problems.