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  1. Mickle

    Mickle Oakley Beginner

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    Come one, come all, to the GREATEST show on Earth and witness the great Magician BriP! That's right folks, watch and marvel as he unveils his most impressive trick yet.... turning my search for a common old Straight Jacket 2.0 into a 1st Gen. Plasma/Ice Iridium Juliet in near mint condition for a smooth $100!

    I have been searching around recently to expand my current SJ2 collection. I posted a thread in the exchange section to which I have had hardly any response. I checked it the other day and noticed that BriP had replied. I eagerly looked up his response assuming he had a pair for me to buy. Unfortunately he didn't, but he did suggest I try an Australian site called "Gumtree" which is basically like Craigslist.

    Searching state by state under the keyword "Oakley" my search for some Straight Jackets was fruitless. Then all of a sudden I came across a listing for what was meant to be a pair of Plasma/Ice Iridium Polarized Juliet's for $100. The guy claimed he had only worn them 2-3 times and that they were flawless. I ended up mailing him and leaving my number to which he called and said he still had them. He also said he had the coin which "proves they're authentic" lol.

    I decided to take a gamble and told him my father (in-law) would come and pick them up in a couple of days as he would be in his home town visiting family. We arranged a time and place for the transaction and it all went smoothly! My father in-law got back late lastnight and I went and picked up the sunglasses today after work.

    Boy did these things look battered! They were filthy! Like grimey, dirty, oily filthy, the ear stems were really lose and one of the ear socks looked like a dog had chewed it! Having said that tho, the nose bridge was super tight, as if brand new!! At first I was like "WTF!" until I checked and saw a serial number, which started with JI..... then I knew I was on a good thing! 1st Gen. Plasma/Ice Juliet's BABY! I quickly disassembled them and took them completely apart. I washed all the pieces in warm soapy water and gave everything a nice gentle scrub. The poor things had never been taken apart before. This was apparent as the little plastic washers were still inside the join of the ear stems.

    All cleaned up now, they look like a total different pair of sunglasses and I am majorly impressed with them! The finish of the 1st generation plasma is sooooo different to the newer plasma frames and so much nicer! (wish they never changed them to be honest) I can't wait to rock these bad boys, but after my initial break in I think they will be sitting quietly right next to my 1st Gen. Polished/Blue Ichiro Juliet's aging gracefully!

    Without further ado, I present to you my 1st Gen. Plasma/Ice Iridium Juliet's......

    BriP The Magician!! - 294e4440.jpg
    BriP The Magician!! - 466eaec7.jpg
    BriP The Magician!! - a9dbbd50.jpg
    BriP The Magician!! - f27bd4f3.jpg
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. TheDutchman92

    TheDutchman92 Oakley Enthusiast

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    You ripper! Great work to our agent in the West!
  3. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    haha nice score buddy! now if only i can score some like that here.. btw, that first gen plasma is prone to discoloration and peeling. dry them REAL well, and keep away from moisture AT ALL COSTS. if you wear them, clean them down properly.. dont let the sweat and oils get to it.


    btw, you know you have to put those little plastic washers back in right? had much fun doing it? lol