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BriP's Teeny-Tiny collection

Alright, as a celebratory for my 300th post, thought I should consolidate my collection in one spot, so here it shall be! Lets start off with my 'first', the Livestrong Radar Path!


This was actually my second pair, after a pair of Zero 0.7's I thrashed and then lost back in High School. I got these because I was doing alot of sport at the time (still do actually), as well as ran alot. They are awesome for everything, including running and Kayaking, or just out fishing.

I actually damaged the Iridium coating on this one by leaving the microfibre cloth loose in the vault with the glasses, and the knot of the toggle wore away a small patch if the Iridium! So I'm on the hunt for a replacement lens, any recommendations on lens colors to match the frame? =)
Heres more of the Livestrong Radar! again, if anyone has opinions on lenses, let me know!

here you can see the damage on the lens near the nosebridge, its very light

Here it is when i first got it.. my old camera was crappy!
Next up.. the Juliet! Now these were my first X-Metals.. and I just had to have them from the moment I tried them on. They go on holiday with me, and are really versatile, matching any style, really.


they are SOO COOL.


Not to mention when they're paired with some cool lens options!
Thats why I dont like those Half/Flak clamshells i put all Flaks in Hard cases instead I am also not 100% convinced the foam rubber couldnt hurt iridium over time