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Broke My Promise To Myself - Infinite Hero Fuel Cells And Wind Jackets


Pronounced, "Spliced"
Los Angeles, CA
I said my X Squared/Ruby was my last pick up for the year. Damn CL deals :laugh:

Oh well. On to the pics!

I wasn't sure if i wanted to keep these, but after seeing them in person and putting them on i realized these are REALLY NICE. Going to be hard to let these go.

I wanted these more for the Ghost text frame than the actual "Wind" accessories. The gasket and the strap are interesting in how they snap onto the frame. Unfortunately I won't ever use the kit as i don't ride motorcycles or anything that could warrant it's use. I was also not aware that both lenses have a anti-fog coating on them, which i think is neat.
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i think two weeks ago . . .
but i totally understand that you broke the promise!
i keep telling myself no more Oakley's until January...let's see if that rings true for me lol.
Nice pickups man! the infinite hero fuel cell's look a lot better in person than they do on the website. I just wish Oakley would be more crazy with their artwork these days, it's soo toned down. i'll probably pick up a infinite hero fuel cell eventually. I love that pin.

Del518 maybe interested in the rubber wind jacket gasket.
at some point later on, i may offer a trade for the fuel cell's if you decide to let them go.
Thanks Yosh! While i may never use it, i'd like to keep it together in case i decide to let them go down the road.

PM me with what you would be interested in a trade. Like i said, i'm still undecided, but damn they look sexy in person. The Carbon frame looks too cool and NOTHING like what the website shows. I have the Split Jackets too and to me, the colors just don't pop as much as they do on the FC's

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