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Broken Arm on Badman - can I get a new arm, or a cast, prosthetic, splint?

Typical. This happened on mine, luckily I had only had them for less than a year when my hinges busted and Oakley sent me a new pair.
I have some spare hinges brand new but they're not cheap cus Oakley won't sell them any more. Unless you're a collector or a die hard fan, the replacement hinges are not worth the investment...
@jdd32 , I have a pair of these (dark plasma with sapphire iridium) and like @MedusaOblongata, I had an irrational eyegasm when i saw them that i literally threw money at the sales guy to get them, that was in South Africa 2016. I have since emigrated to Oz-tralia and sadly within 2 years the hinge had gone, Oakley Australia went in to bat for me and got me a new pair but now even handling them with kid gloves, the same has happened. Is there any chance you still have any spares for these? or know where/how i can get them repaired?
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