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Build Your Own..


Friend of the Frog
London, UK
Looking through old Oakley press releases and adverts, there were alot of mixed and match Frogs. Ive searched SKU and they were released back in the day - White/Red with Grey Lenses etc. In the light of the BlackLight Editions, I wondered if Oakley would ever enable their customers to purchase pieces rather than full colourways. Could you imagine logging onto O.com/.uk, clicking the custom section and being about to build your our Frogs. Ive seem afew guys on ebay trying their luck with mismatched arms and strange lens combos. Not all bad.

I think it would be pretty cool.
I'm split to be honest... On one hand I'd love being able to customize frogskins. Especially if they made a lot of different colors available, like the Blacklight, matte and acid colorways. Mixing and matching would be fun!
On the other hand though, I'm not too keen on the idea because it somehow takes away the 'magic' or 'glow on the frogskins. Custom frogskins would eliminate the 'limited' part of them, and somehow make them more 'mainstream'. Not that I don't like mainstream or don't want mainstream frogskins. I love the rerelease that was just announced. It's a great way for everybody to get a pair of frogs, and there will still be plenty of limited and signature editions coming...
If Oakley started doing custom frogskins I'd probably order a few pairs but I wouldn't get overly excited.
And, I honestly have a feeling that they might actually introduce custom frogskins to the market one day - although, probably, not with too many of the limited edition colors. Probably just with the colors of the standard frogskins and a few extras. Just like with the fuel cell, where you can get standard colors and a couple extra. You can't get the Global or Science or Tod-whatever-his-name-is for custom fuel cells.. Oh well...
Personally, I think it would be awesome. Kill this crazy Frog frenzy and make them a general release. I think this would kill all the sharks out there, and enable the people who wan to wear Frogs, to wear them without the mental price tag.
a OCP Frogskin would be awesome if they offer enough colors for the frames and lenses!!!
yeah i heard strong rumours abt OCP frogs this holiday season. but sadly, that would mean i'm probably gonna miss out, due to location, same as all the buddies not from the States. damn!. =)
I haven't tried out the OCP programme on other models but was told that it really came down to picking your own frame, icon, and lens colour and that was it. Can you actually specify different stem colours too? I ask because I was/am planning on doing a little custom combo myself just using stock parts but if Oakley will do it for me, great!
With the dispatch you can mix and match frame and stem colors as you desire.

And I definitely agree with you FrogTastic.. It wouldn't hurt to make a couple of general release ones that aren't limited, to lure more customersninto frogs. But they shouldn't kill out the colabs either. That's what makes them Uniates, just as with any other pair.. The limited and signature editions are awesome..

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