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Buy Oakley Frames without lenses?


Oakley Beginner
Hey guys I have a quick question. Have any of you ever run across a store that sells frames with out the glasses. I found a store here in Guam that sells Gascans, flak jackets and radars frames. The Gascans frames are only 60$ I was thinking of getting a couple and them just ordering lenssesHas from oak. Also where do all of you get the extra o icons for your glasses.
i know a few online shops where you can order just frames! i think that's not unusual online but i never found a store where i could get just frames . . .
$60? That doesn't seem ideal :(. The $55 on top of that is more than what you would pay for normally. Unless the frame is customized (i.e yellow icon's with polished black) or something different, I'd steer clear. That's my personal opinion though. I believe buying the frame on the Jacket's without the lenses is worth it though. Pay $70 for a frame, and $95 for polarized lenses, and you end up w ith an amount close to a standard Non Polarized Flak Jacket!
some Oak-stores selling just frames online!
to bad that they don't have any icons . . .
they have lenses so you can customize a few models beside the OCP.
Those are probably retailers/dealers but not actual Oakley stores.

Oakley themselves doesn't officially sell/give out frames by themselves.