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"....He would be eating meat through a straw"

Cacatman's Quick Reference Personal List of Pages:-


Definitive Oakley Owner's List (@cacatman)
Custom Page for Lens Cutting (@cacatman)
Donor Lens Guide (2019) (@cacatman)
Lens Dimensions (2019) (@cacatman)
Map of Where Oakley Forum Members Are From (@cacatman)
Australian Members List (@cacatman)
Rarest non-Frogskin Oakleys List (@cacatman)
Jawbones/New Racing Jackets List of Collectors (@cacatman)
Oakleys I'd love to own (@cacatman)
Cash Converters

Cacatman's Collection
Jawbone/Racing Jacket Collection
Mag Switch Page

For Sale Pages
Earsocks/Nosebombs, RX Bolts, Goggle Straps
Chris A Hardaways Lens For Sale Page

Useful Pages
Map of Where Oakley Forum Members Are From (@cacatman)
What Does it Look Like Right Now (Where You Are)? (@cacatman)
What Oakleys Are You Wearing Today?? (@crunchrule1)
What's On Your Plate? (@xmetalmaniac)

Sunglasses Owner's Lists
Cleared Fat Cat Owner's List (@cacatman)
Cleared Monster Dog Owner's List (@cacatman)
London Police Pack Owner's List (xxx/500) (@cacatman)
Polished Penny with Custom Cut DWP List (@cacatman)

Lens Owner's Lists
Dillon Lens Info/Owners Page (cacatman) (@cacatman)
Mariener Lens Info/Owners Page (@cacatman)

Watch Owner's Lists
FMJ Owner's List (@cacatman)
Red Diamond Minute Machine Owner's List (@cacatman)

Oakley Sunglasses/SKU Lists
O-Review Definitive List of All Sunglasses Ever Released (@dann Thombs)

List of Differences Between Jawbone/New Racing Jacket/Split/Wind Jacket (@cacatman)
List of Display Case Dimensions (@cacatman)
List of Ducati Editions (@cacatman)
List of Ferrari Editions (@cacatman)
List of 009013 Frogskins with SKUs (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
List of (Third Generation) Frogskins with SKUs (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
List of Holbrooks with SKUs & Pictures and here (@mercbezerk)
List of Livestrong Editions (@cacatman)
List of Reviews of Sunglasses etc (@cacatman)
List of All X-metal Models (@SiRacer420)
Rarest Oakley Frogskins (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
Rarest non-Frogskin Oakleys List (@cacatman)

Lens Information
Custom Page for Lens Cutting (@cacatman)
Donor Lens Guide (2019) (@cacatman)
Dillon Lens Information (@cacatman)
Lens Dimensions (2019) (@cacatman)
Lens/Lens Transmission List (2019) (@cacatman)
Mariener Lens Information (@cacatman)
Ruby Lenses 101 (@Funky-Trixtar, @cacatman)

Regional/Country/Other Lists
Map of Where Oakley Forum Members Are From (@cacatman)
Australian Members List (104 members) (@cacatman)
Jordan Members List (1 member) (@cacatman)
Malaysian Members List (29 members) (@cacatman)

Watch Information
Watches - How Many Links? (@mustangjt/@cacatman)

Gone. But NOT Forgotten - Remembering Those Who Have Passed (@cacatman)
Got a Question? Call an Expert! (@cacatman)
Recommended Sellers on O.F. List (@cacatman)
Things I Wish I Knew When I First Joined Oakley Forum (@cacatman)
All Oakley Coins Ever Released (@cacatman)
Asia Fit - All You Ever Wanted to Know (@cacatman)
How to Disassemble Link Page (@cacatman)
Fakes vs Real - What are the Differences? (@cacatman)
How Long Have You Waited to Buy Your Grail? (@cacatman)
Custom Frame Page (@cacatman)
Nomenclature (@cacatman)
Oakleys for Big Heads (@Dakota) & here (@kpjames98)
Oakleys That Have NO Rubber Parts (2019) (@Mich)
Pricing Thoughts (@cacatman)
Rubber Nosebomb, Earsock, Lens and Icon Compatibility (@cacatman)
Top 5 O Matter Sunglasses As Rated By You (@cacatman)
Top Tips to Grow Your Oakley Collection (@cacatman)
V2oak's Customs all in one place (@V2oak)
Weights of Oakley Sunglasses (@cacatman)
Why it's Better to Trust a Buyer/Seller Than Just Rely on PayPal to Protect You (@cacatman)
X-Metal Quicklinks List (@cacatman)
X-Metals Fit in Which Vaults? (@Jmgarcia, @cacatman)

"Bad Boys" of Oakley Forum (@cacatman)
Baldies (@cacatman)
Biggest "Honest" Members (Weights Only) (@cacatman)
Craziest Ways People Have Lost Oakleys (@cacatman)
DoppelgƤngers/Lookalikes on O.F. (@cacatman)
Favourite Quotes from O.F. Members (@cacatman)
Hardcore Collector? How you know you may be one! (@cacatman)
Interesting Facts About Oakley (@cacatman)
Lifers - List of Lifetime Members (@cacatman)
Longest Threads on O.F. (@cacatman)
Mood Chart for Newbies (@cacatman)
Official Dead Horse Thread (@kronin323)
Q & A with ex-Oakley Employee @El Chupa Cabra (@cacatman)
"SiRacer420's Custom of the Month" Wall of Fame (@cacatman)
Top Tips on How to Stay Married While Collecting Oakleys (@cacatman)
What Dogs Do You Own Today (WDDYOT)? (@cacatman)
Who's Who 2018 (@cacatman)

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