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Discussion in 'Oakley Watches Discussion' started by Mr. Bright5ide, 7/15/11.

  1. Mr. Bright5ide

    Mr. Bright5ide

    Oakley Warrant pictures

    Greetings forum. I am looking to get the Oakley Warrant. If you happen to be a proud owner of said watch could you please post some pictures. I'm looking for two things: how the watch looks on the wrist & how the watch face colors look in natural light (I've only been able to find stock photos). I am trying to decide between the copper (which looks orange in the stock image sku: 10-293) & the black-&-silver one (sku: 10-292).

    Thanks! (o_O)---b
    Mr. Bright5ide

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Mr. Bright5ide

    Mr. Bright5ide

    btw if anyone is interested in trading a watch for a pair of Oakley PIT BOSS's (Matte Black/Titanium/Black Iridium sku: 03-303) in excellent condition including the collector's box & cleaning cloth send me a message. I'm obviously interested in an Oakley Warrant but would also consider any other watch by Oakley in good condition that has a metal band such as the black or silver dialed chronograph Crankcase.

  3. Mr. Bright5ide

    Mr. Bright5ide

    Going to see if I can swing by my local Oakley store & see if they have any in stock I can try on before buying online.

  4. Mr. Bright5ide

    Mr. Bright5ide

    ...& just as luck would have it they did not have any. Got to try on the Minute Machine though, & man oh man is that a beast! Not something I would wear every day though but damn!

  5. wrist


    Calling Any Oakley Warrant Owners!! - DSC_0856.jpg

    Calling Any Oakley Warrant Owners!! - DSC_0853.jpg

    Calling Any Oakley Warrant Owners!! - DSC_0854.jpg

    Calling Any Oakley Warrant Owners!! - DSC_0855-1.jpg

    Hope this helps man. I absolutely LOVE mine.

  6. Mr. Bright5ide

    Mr. Bright5ide

    Awesome man thank you so much!!! I am torn between two options right now: the copper dial or the black & white color scheme like you have above. Orange is my favorite color but on the other hand orange (or "copper") probably won't match with all my clothes & I intend to wear this watch every day. Oh if only I was a richer man & could simply buy BOTH. Decisions, decisions...

  7. Mr. Bright5ide

    Mr. Bright5ide

    Went with the black & silver version as above above. So awesome!!

  8. The Game

    The Game

    fyi the warrant got marked down to $489 and $559 for the stealth

  9. Mr. Bright5ide

    Mr. Bright5ide

    They were indeed in the Vault for those prices but as of yesterday it seems they all got sold out, there were only Holeshot's left. Come today there are no more watches left. If you wanted one you had better been QUICK!! I was lucky enough to get one for an even better deal & should be getting it in the mail sometime next week =).

    Btw if anyone's interested in a copper-dialed version, a fellow forum user "Sandbergo" ( http://www.oakleyforum.com/members/sandbergo.html ) was offering a new, unused one for $300 obo.

  10. OBlazer


    There are still plenty at the Chicago Oakley Vault

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