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Can Anyone Help Verify Authenticity?


Oakley Expert
a few days ago i bought a pair of crystal red with red iridium Frogskins off ebay. They were listed as "frogskin" only so didnt get much attention and i got them for a good price. I got them yesterday and right off the bat, they felt cheap and fake, but then again, i've only dealt with newer frogskins, not these 2nd gen from the 90s. Here are a few characteristics:

inside the arm says "frogskins" instead of "Frogskins"
There is no Oakley serial number (did 90s models have them?)
plastic feels cheap
hinges are not as fluid as you would think they should be
"Oakley" logo on outside of arms IS Raised and seems to be of high quality.

any help, thanks!

PS i can show you the ebay listing with pics if needed.
Some pics will prob help the experts on here, which I am not but there are many that will help you, if they are fake, hope you used paypal so you can lodge a dispute.
sounds like fake but without any pics no 100% diagnosis!

now you have pics! looks good to me, the "frogskin" on the inside is okay and that they have no sku# too.
but i´m wondering why you think it's cheap plastic?
oh yeah, another thing is that the seams from when the plastic was molded are alot more apparent. Other frogskins i have are smooth and polished down. These have seams that you can feel on the top parts, and has almost a "sharp" feel to it