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Can anyone identify these old Oakley ski goggles?


Oakley Beginner
Hi, I'm new to the forum and know very little about Oakley products! But I'm hoping someone can please help me identify these old Oakley ski goggles. I bought them in store in London, probably sometime around 2008 - 2010. I'm not sure exactly when. They came with two lens. One for bright sunlight and one for low light (a pale yellow colour). There is a nice lever on the side to change the lens, which makes it very easy to do so on the slopes.

The sunny lens is really scratched / chipped and I should really replace it. (Sorry to call it a "sunny lens" but I don't know the correct term!)

Is it possible to buy a replacement lens for this model? Or is it time to buy a new pair of goggles? Apart from the chipped lens, they are in excellent condition so I'm hoping I can just buy a new lens. But I don't know which lens to look for, as I don't know what to search for.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.



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Oakley Expert
Premium Member
They are Airbrakes. Got a couple of pairs. Lenses are still available, but stock is drying up since the model was replaced with Airbrake XLs

If you can find Prizm rose lenses they are the best general use ones.

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