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  1. Spenc

    Spenc Oakley Collector Premium Member

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    as the title I have been offered these items but not to sure what they are and if they are even useful thanks in advance

    Can anyone tell me what these are - image.png

    Can anyone tell me what these are - image.png
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. headpatrolman

    headpatrolman O Addict

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    The top three are slot wall displays. They have hooks that fit into the slotted wall to display stuff, usually clothing. The white tower is a women's eyewear tower I believe but I am not an expert. Very cool tower nonetheless. Not sure on the other piece, next to the tower. All great stuff.
  3. KillerCollector

    KillerCollector Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    Get them all!