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Can you wear one pair for a Week?

Rotten Ronnie

Premium Member
Lifetime Member
Kreepsville, USA
I used to wear one pair every single day until it was trashed or I was just sick of them, which usually took years (I'm super careful with sunglasses).

After finding this place I find it difficult to commit to one pair for even a week. Am I the only one?

I think I may try next week for ****s and giggles...
I believe that you are in good company :grin:


Far Right
Premium Member
Lifetime Member
The High Seas
It breaks my heart everyday when I hear the competitive screams roaring from my Oakley tower as all of the frames are vying for FaceTime so I couldn’t do that them.
So I'm not the only one! Huge weight lifted just now... lol

I no **** feel guilty when I neglect a pair for too long. Poor things just want some sunshine.

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