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  1. Mervillian

    Mervillian Oakley Enthusiast

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    Nothing amazing, and not as good as deals in the US, but the Last Hunt has some sunglasses added to their site. They are each shown at 25% off and also have free shipping right now. If you wait, they often have sales such as 10% off >$100, 15% off >$150 and 20% off >$200. Could be better than free shipping if you are getting a more expensive or multiple pairs.

    The Last Hunt

    Some examples

    Radarlocks (Matte Heather Grey/G30 & Grey) for $201.99 CAD
    Fast Jackets (Infrared/+red & VR28) for $186.99 CAD
    Holbrook (Crystal Pink/Grey) for $104.99 CAD
    Frogskin (Crystal Black/Violet) for $93.99 CAD
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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