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Canopy Prizm HI Pink
~ $45 Shipped in CONUS

~ Will consider any kind of trades; Legos/Homemade Edible Goods/Conversation Pieces

Will trade for non-prizm tints for Canopy, Crowbar or Splice goggle.

HI Persimmon
VR50 Pink Iridium
Blue Iridium
Emerald Iridium

Trade for Oakley swag; belts, baklava, lanyards, etc

~Worn for about 6 hrs total
~No flaws that impact vision
~Never dropped or crashed with
~Only marks would be unavoidable superficial ones from install/removal
~Installed 3 times
~Original box can be included but it's beat up a lot

Bought for my father, but he prefers using prizm rose more and I use a different model so of no use to me. I do own the lens though, and will say it's a great tint to have on those cloudy days where mother nature can't decide how much sun will be out. Or days where it's overcast at the base but cloudy/snowing up at the peak. I've even worn mine at night skiing without any complaints.


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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