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Carbon Blade frame size


Oakley Beginner
Hong Kong
My face is very wide and I wonder whether Carbon Blade fits me. Large frame like Jawbone, x-squared and Pit Boss II fit me perfectly. Please advise.

Price of Carbon Blade has dropped to a more reasonable price at US$200 and I would like to buy a pair.

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I just tried them on at the store. I also have a big head, wide face. They are not as big as Jawbones or Pit Boss 2. But they are not narrow either. They are nearly the same size as Flak Jackets (gen. 1) with XLJ lenses. Except the lenses are rounded. The lens size is about the same. They definitely are not "oversized" looking on my giant head. And they could be a tiny bit bigger, but I think I can pull them off. See if you like the size of Flak Jacket (gen. 1) with XLJ lenses, and that's how you can tell.