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Carbon C Six Prices

... they were members and now they has become flippers ... you will all also become flippers- its just a matter of time and perspective XD

to the point:
1. there is practically no chance for any other company to make similar glasses with such a watchmaking presence
2. How many sunglasses have been made in the world from carbon fiber in cooperation with mclaren?
3. It wasn't a project to make money - it was a statement. As Oakley we can and do amazing things!
4. The marketing of products has completely changed now ... there was a time when a limited series was made to drive the sale of cheaper glasses. Customer was coming to oakley store ..."c-six too expensive? We have something cheaper - pit boss" The C-six were supposed to support sales of pit bosses.
Now you are creating a product that needs to pay for itself economically.
5. Made in USA
6. the owner can see that they have sold for 7,000 on ebay, so why should he offer a lower price here
7. if you sell them once - you may regret that decision .. so you better sell it expensive
8. the fact that the glasses were only produced in 300 units
Damn, I need to find those other 50 units that apparently Oakley forgot to number… 😊

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