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Carbon Fiber Kill Switch vs. Polished Blue Dial Minute Machine?


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So I would like to take advantage of the 50% off currently and add to my watch collection. The 2 pieces I am debating about currently are the carbon fiber kill switch or splurging for a polished blue dial minute machine. Both are fairly rare to come by but I have a lead on both currently in stores. I am kinda leaning towards the kill switch for cost and low production numbers plus I love the watch. I feel like the minute machine will be something I can always pickup here at a later time and for a similar price too. Anybody feel differently?

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I'd agree with the Kill Switch looking at it from a dollar perspective, though saving 50% on the Minute Machine is killer. Go for it! Don't look back! ;)

Note: Renamed the thread for more context.

I'd go KillSwitch. I love the polished MM and will probably pick one up at some point, but I would get more use out of the KillSwitch.....plus the band on the polished MM scratch easily from what I understand.

Yea the polished MM band sucks. It look awesome the first few times you wear it, but theres no way to polish out the scratches. Personally I'd buy the KillSwitch, as the polished Minute Machine can already be had a nearly 50% off retail if you keep an eye out on eBay.

I've got the KS in white, MM titanium, hands down MM - its a classic Oakley design like no other and its WAY more comfortable
Im gonna sell KS and a coupe pairs sunnies and invest in Hollowpoint and that'll be my 1-2