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Discussion in 'Recent X-Metal Purchases' started by SMman, 2/24/16.

  1. SMman


    I recently purchased a pair of Ducati (04-159) Carbon Juliets. They no longer have their Ducati lenses and the seller told me he replaced the lenses with BIP. The problem is the word "POLARIZED" is not etched on the left lens so I can't say for sure what the lenses are. He said they were installed at LensCrafters. He did not keep the original lenses :oops:. You will notice them pictured with my BNIB x-metal/black iridium (not polarized) Juliets. Anyone have thoughts on the lenses in the carbon pair?

    The original red ear socks and temple shocks were replaced with new black pieces but the spare red 15 temples and small nose pads were in the box, still in the plastic bag and unused. The original store mistakenly sold these carbon frames with an x-metal/black iridium box and the owner didn't notice. The frame is in very good condition and surprisingly doesn't need a tune-up. I had planned to keep them for myself or my son, but just found out I have to buy a $2000+ helmet for work so might have to let them go. I will give it a couple of days to decide.

    Here are some pics of how it looked when I got it and with some custom white ear socks and temple shocks. I never thought I would like white but they certainly make a difference. Thanks for looking.
    Carbon Juliets (04-159 Ducati but not complete) - BIlens8.jpe Carbon Juliets (04-159 Ducati but not complete) - BIlens7.jpe Carbon Juliets (04-159 Ducati but not complete) - bilensxmtl.jpe Carbon Juliets (04-159 Ducati but not complete) - bilenswh3.jpe Carbon Juliets (04-159 Ducati but not complete) - bilenswh5.jpe Carbon Juliets (04-159 Ducati but not complete) - bilenswh6.jpe
    Carbon Juliets (04-159 Ducati but not complete) - ducjul2.jpe Carbon Juliets (04-159 Ducati but not complete) - ducjul1.jpe
    Last edited: 2/24/16
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  2. thisguy


    I think the white rubber looks good. One way to test if the lenses are polarized is to take them out of the frame and hold them one in front of the other facing a computer screen or cell phone. Rotate one lens and if they darken then they are polarized.
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  3. toosteeley

    toosteeley Premium Member

    The carbon frame with white rubber definitely looks great!

    BTW, you don't actually need to take the lenses out of the frame to test if they're polarized. Just hold the glasses in front of a computer monitor and rotate. They'll darken If polarized.
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  4. SMman


    Thank you. I did what you said and the lenses did darken. I just assumed all polarized Juliet lenses were etched like my fire polarized ones are. Now its getting tougher to possibly let these go.

  5. toosteeley

    toosteeley Premium Member

    Ya, I was also under the impression that all Oakley polarized lenses were etched. Aftermarket maybe?

  6. SMman


    Good question. He told me Oakley BIP and bought the lenses and had them installed at the same place he bought the Juliets orginally; LensCrafters. I haven't even worn this pair yet so will have to give them a try at least once.

  7. Wicked

    Wicked Premium Member

    If they do not say Polarized then they are not OEM Juliet lenses. Have you removed the lenses from the frame to look at the bevel? Maybe custom cut?

    I'd say the seller has/had no clue.....the ear socks are upside down :punish:
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  8. kronin323

    kronin323 Premium Member

    From what I've heard, RX polar were not etched, even with a 0 prescription.

    Then OCP sets were often unetched.

    Then there's custom cuts, with the etching cut off.
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  9. SMman


    The seller definitely didn't know much about his Juliets. I will have to take the lenses out and take a closer look.

  10. Wicked

    Wicked Premium Member

    The prescription lenses would have had an O etched on them though?

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