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  1. Oakleyfan09

    Oakleyfan09 Oakley Beginner

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    Been thinking about getting a Carbon Shift. If any of you already have one, how do you like it so far and would you recommend it? I can't get to a store to see it so all I can go by are pics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. SecretNinja

    SecretNinja Oakley Expert

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    I'm sure @Stanleybb50 knows a lot about them by now. I have been wondering about them myself.
  3. Barfly

    Barfly Oakley Beginner Premium Member

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    Its a great frame - we just got it in at the optical where I work and its the high level quality you expect with Oakley carbon frames
    I tried it on it fits like a glove and distributes the weight nicely, very little pressure at the ears - will probably get this, just waiting to see if they bring something a little more square vs rectanglar in carbon
  4. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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  5. iScream4Oak

    iScream4Oak Oakley Enthusiast

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    very comfortable and light weight i have each color way and i love em:cool-20:
  6. Jacob L

    Jacob L Oakley Enthusiast

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    It is a nice frame. I picked up the prizm black polarized one. I think the pricing is nice on it too. I was hoping the frame would be a little more carbon on it but it is just the stems. It fits most faces and its nice because it has a similar fit to a badman but less on the pricing. I was happy overall and it is really the only newer style released this quarter that I would recommend. Fits snug which is so nice.
  7. OakleyFreak

    OakleyFreak The freak you can Taunt

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    Just to add to the mix
    I got my first set and maybe the last set of Carbon Shift.
    I traded for them , I got the OO9302-04 Matte Black/Torch Iridium Polarized(red logos and rubber):

    These fit very much like the new Canteens, Very close wrap around. Close fit to my cheek bones
    Hope that helps

    And Oh Im not that impressed for what they cost, while comfortable you can get the same fit and coverage from the Canteen, for considerably less money
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  8. QLR1

    QLR1 ???? Premium Member

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    I just grabbed this pair also. I agree with the fit, but no cheekiness with me, though. You already know I don't pay sticker for the new stuff, and I did not.

    Collection took one step forward
    Last edited: 3/9/16
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