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Carbon XS Frame... no lenses required


Oakley Beginner
The only XMetal frame that I've ever REALLY wanted is a Carbon XS. I have a Plasma and Polished carbon already, but I'm still searching for that illusive Carbon pair. What would be a decent price to pay, assuming I can find a clean, rigid frame with no lenses? (I have multiple XS lenses to put in it)
Carbon XS is a nice finish for certain, but IMHO Carbon Polished is a step above. Once you have both I'd be interested to see which you end up preferring over time.
GLWS - 'good luck with search'
I'd have to agree with Michael here..the carbon XS is my favorite cause I love black..but not too much of the polished cause I don't like the shinny finish but more of the matte which is the regular carbon..but to each is his own..good luck on finding one soon Mike..
You could probably trade the plasma or polished carbon pair if you don't mind parting with one of them. Carbon is the most common and usually the least expensive XS so you should find plenty of takers for a deal like that.
I love my carbon XS; the polished is slick too, but I'm not a big fan of the shiny finish on me. You should be able to pick up a carbon pretty easy. Good luck!
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