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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by BriP, 10/4/11.

  1. BriP


    Hey guys. Just noticed, my Romeo1 doesnt fit in my x-metal soft vault (WHUTTT right). and not in the new large metal vault "bullet style" either..

    anyway, thought i'd make a list for reference. So far the only 2 x-metals that fit in the large metal vault are the pennys and the mars. even the juliets dont.

    the xmetal soft takes all except the romeo1..

    I've been using my old radar case (soft vault with no foam inside) for the romeos, fit like a glove.

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  2. S-works


    Half X fits in there...

  3. Herbsley


    Yup - the Romeo is too big for any X-Metal soft vault I have bought (or seen).
    The Juliet squeezes itself into my soft vault - just.

    I therefore don't use a vault for either of my Romeos.

  4. BriP


    yeh herb the juliet fits in the x soft vault decently well. the Romeo1 fits inside the old radar case with no foam slots perfectly. i guess the metal vault will be for stashing my penny on-the-go..

    @S-works oh cool i just picked a pair of them up on ebay for a decent 150$

  5. BriP


    Hey Herbs! dunno if you'll see this, but i just bought a new X-metal soft vault. and the ROMEO1 fits!

    the new x-metal soft vaults, which i think are the ones that you get for the X-Squared, are bigger than the old X-metal soft vaults. Its more cylindrical unlike the oblong of the old ones. i can get photos tonight if anyone wants to see the differences. the Juliets fit easily inside, while the Romeos are a squeeze (as much as a squeeze as the juliets in the old soft vault). Ive got another on the way so hope thats the big one too.

    anyway this means all X-metals can fit in the new XM soft vaults! YAY!

  6. Herbsley


    That's great news.

    About 15 years too late, mind.

    But great news nonetheless.

    RoTors likes this.

  7. BriP


    too true. Im using that case right now, with my Romeo1's stuffed inside it for the first time. its a tight fit, and you wouldnt want to sit on it or anything (just like the previous i guess).. but its in there, and protected from falling off the table etc.. i have to say, the old radar case is much more sturdy because of the triangular side profile, plus the Romeos fit in them much better.. anyway..good stuff! no more squishing my Juliets into the case at least!

  8. -=Jeff=-


    Yeah could you take a could pics of the case they fit in?

  9. BriP


    Old X-metal Vault on top, New on bottom (with tag)
    Cases - Xmetal Soft Vault And Large Metal Vault - 6265943249_3c39f841ee_z.jpg
    major difference is in its profile, its alot more cylindrical
    Cases - Xmetal Soft Vault And Large Metal Vault - 6265944279_c2933f0177_z.jpg
    not sure if the SKU changed though? I threw the old tag away...
    Cases - Xmetal Soft Vault And Large Metal Vault - 6266474368_cbce5b8b0f_z.jpg

  10. -=Jeff=-


    huh.. how old is the older case?

    I just bought a soft vault and it is the same size as my older one (2005ish) both are the same size and both fit my X metal XX and juliet

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