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  1. stn51


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    i am organizing a cerakote/hydroprint group buy,
    i am offering this as another option to getting your glasses done. batwolf has been kind enough to do some group buys so i would like to help too. i will make nothing on this group buy, as you can see by there pricing there is not alot of profit to be made anyways, at these prices.
    i would like to help some of the members here get some cerakote stuff done.
    i will facilitate all orders you send to me and then i will take them over personally to the cerakote company and i will pick them up and ship them to you, there are alot of options you can get your glasses cerakoted with cerakote icons or you can get dipped icons (im not sure how all patterns would look).or hydroprinted with cerakote icons the company that i have contacted has set up a link on there website with pricing and colors patterns etc.they are a great company and i am very particular so if they do not look good they will redo them till they are perfect.
    there will be no prep charges the prep is all included, you can choose from a large amount of colors and pretty much all styles and frames can be done. for cerakote it is a 2 week turn around the hydroprint is a 3 week turn around.
    so take a look and let me know if you are interested i can do up to 20 pairs for this first time. the website is
    coloradocustomlook.com all of the details are there.
    left hand side of the page is oakley group buy
    username: oakley
    password: groupbuy1
    all lowercase.thanks in advance let me know
    also please contact me if you are out of the country, i need to consider the shipping process to return them to you.
    Last edited: 10/13/13
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  2. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    I'm in for a pair of Antix. We'd talked about it before and this gives me a reason to get off my butt and do it. Couple questions:

    I assume we still send the info on what we want and the payment to you? I didn't see a way to actually order on that private page on their site.

    Do they prefer to have the lenses sent to them as well? My project pair has trashed lenses so I'd have to get some prior to sending if they like to have them with.

    Do they disassemble the glasses/icons or are we supposed to do that before sending?

    Thanks for doing this.
  3. stn51


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    so ill answer in order, yes you can send the item to me i would ask that you send it in a baggy with detailed instructions of colors etc. i can remove the icons for you or you can you can keep the lenses for reassembly. this also helps if you want to get other lenses. i will also send the icons back to you seperate too(in case you want to reinstall them with tape or glue)
    if you would like to take them apart that is up to you, i can also do that some pairs are harder than others. and yes the payment will also come to me. i can pay all at once, it makes the bookkeeping part of it better for me and the company doing them.
    i will be taking a total of 20 pairs and i will let everybody know when to send them to me after we have the order all accounted for, so we can do them all at the same time.
    also if you need a idea of what colors might look like together let me know,i have sample plates made and i can give you a good idea of what the color contrasts are.
    i will have the company take pictures of the pairs after they are ready to be picked up, and we can post them in a special file on there website for viewing,also i personally will be going to the company to do a quality control check, if i would not wear them, i wont send them back to you. i will advise you the customer of the delay if any to fix the item and get it out to you, the cost of the shipping back to you will need to be included in your price that you figure.
  4. Oakley4Life

    Oakley4Life Oakley Collector

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    Very cool, I'll take a look.
  5. Lexkempo

    Lexkempo Frog Fanatic

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    Looks like an awesome idea ....hmmmm....
  6. marc2040

    marc2040 Guest

    Thanks for offering your service.
    I think thats a fair price for the cerakote.
  7. NiGHTSx2

    NiGHTSx2 Oakley Collector

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    Thanks for putting this together! I like the selection of Hydroprint graphics that ColoradoCustom carries; way bigger than Northwest Hydro.
  8. JDubs

    JDubs Oakley Enthusiast

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    thanks STN51 since you had been talking about these guys for a while now I have been in contact with them and am sending them 5 pairs next week. Barry is super helpful in all of this.
  9. David F

    David F Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    I looked on the site but cannot tell if something like a fade is possible. I was hoping for a black fade on a white pair of gascans... Can it be done? I asked Dr.Chop if he could, still waiting on an answer.
  10. wilkie18

    wilkie18 Oakley Collector

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    Just wanted to let other people here know stn51 is a great guy and colorado custom does an amazing jub he has done two pairs for me already and they have come out amzing. so order with confidence and don't miss out on this
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