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  1. connorb850

    connorb850 Oakley Beginner

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    Hi, new member here. I have a pair of black Straight Jackets with grey/black polarized lenses, purchased new around 2001 or so. I believe they were called "New Straight Jacket." The frames are still excellent but the lenses need replacement (coating has failed).

    At this point, is there realistically any chance of finding new OEM lenses for these? Should I cave and buy aftermarket?
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  2. Rezechs

    Rezechs Oakley Enthusiast

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    The Vault has some but i believe those are for the newest release...If you want Oakley lenses for those you can either try to look on ebay for a pair, or have Infinitehero cut you a pair out of a set of donor lenses with the right curvature.
  3. OakleyGuru379

    OakleyGuru379 What is that thing?!

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    Welcome to the forum!