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Hey everyone,
Ive been looking online for a site that teaches you how to change the lenses on oakley razor blades. These are vintage Sunglasses from the 80's and so this is causing me to find hardly any information. If you know how to change the lenses on Razor Blades Please help.

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it should be very similar to swapping out m-frame lenses... i think
Yes it is similar, However let me caution you on vintage blades...... Be extremly careful as the frame was known to crack when doing this. I have a vintage pair and they have been lightly worn, however stress cracks developed from swapping the lenses.


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I have a pair of vintage Oakley Razor Blades and have had no problem swapping lenses on these using the same technique that I use to swap lenses on my m-frames. I would say that the Razor Blades have a very strong frame, much more so than the m-frame. In fact, from swapping lenses on my m-frames, I seen cracks get worse. My Razor Blades on the other hand are crack free, and are so strong that sometimes I wonder if I will break my Razor Blade lenses each time I swap them.

They way I swap lenses on my Razor Blades is:

1.) Remove the nose piece
2.) hold the center of the frame with one hand, with the triggers facing away from me
3.) grab the center and bottom of the lens with the other hand
4.) pull the lens away from the frame at bottom center of the lens

To install:

1.) slide one lens end into the frame on side
2.) slightly bend the lens
3.) insert the other end of the lens into the other side of the frame
4.) gently press the lens into the frame, such that there are no gaps between the lens and frame
5.) add the nose piece

All of my Razor Blade lenses are pretty beat up, so I may man handle them a little to much when I install them, so please take my installation and removal procedures with caution. I hope this info helped.


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there are times when this preferred method will not work, especially razors and slits because the gripping surface is so small. I've had a little luck with pulling one of the sides out. the last time i had to wedge a small screwdriver into one side and pry it down, carefully!
the blade frame is very rigid, the m frame is flexible and the fit of the lens is much looser so easy and sometime too easy to take out, fall out

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