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  1. Uluahunter

    Uluahunter Oakley Collector

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    Woke up this morning drooling...rubbed my eyes and sat up *yawn*. Walked to the bathroom, got myself all cleaned up and went to my office to start my day. Sat down, turned on the laptop and waited....*booting up*...*yawn*...logged in and ready to go. Checked my emails first, then my calendar...*extra BIG YAWN*...BOOM!!! What's this?!?!?!!! A reminder reaches out and slaps me in the face!!!! Today's the first day of the Friends and Family sale!!! YIKES!!! Forget the laptop, forget the calendar, forget work...*bushy tailed and bright eyed*, I jump up and run to the bedroom!

    Wifey: What's wrong?!?! What's going on?!?!
    Me: I almost forgot today's the beginning of the F&F sale!
    Wifey: Hahaha! I was hoping you'd forget!
    Me: *frazzled* Huh? I'm getting ready and going to the store.
    Wifey: Can you drop Mom off at the mall since you're going?
    Me: *sigh* Uh, okay...is she ready?
    Wifey: She'll get ready now.

    15 mins later....

    Wifey: Okay, we're ready.
    Me: We?!?!?!
    Wifey: Yup, I'm going too.
    Me: *raise eyebrows*...Huh? But...
    Wifey: I want to go look too.
    Me: *frazzled again* Uh...okay...

    2 hours later...

    Me: Alright! Christmas came early!!!! I got the top three things I wanted!
    Wifey: How much did you spend all together?
    Me: *gulp* After the discounts?
    Wifey: *rolling eyes* What do you think?!?!?!
    Me: Hehe...just about $900 total... :blink:
    Wifey: *shaking head* $900? Not bad, I guess...
    Me: *SHOCKED* Uh, yeah...not bad huh? Good thing for the F&F sale, huh?
    Wifey: Yeah. Even better, I'll pay for one of those glasses...that's your Christmas present.
    Me: *tears starting to roll* What?!?!?! OMG!!!
    Wifey: Yeah, I'm glad I found glasses I liked too!

    Moral to the story...always stress how EXCLUSIVE and RARE it is to get discounts on O products, because they NEVER go on sale!!! Okay, maybe I stretched the truth it a little bit, but it worked!!!!

    I ended up with...
    - a X-Squared Carbon w/black iridium (broke my X-Metal cherry with these, finally :dance3:)
    - a Split Jacket Polished White w/blue (stepped out of my normal boundaries of black or dark frames with these :cool:)
    - and a Kitchen Sink (to match my traveling set of rolling AP luggage)

    Not counting...
    - a Polarized SI Splinter (for Father-in-law)
    - Wifey's Disguise Black w/gradient
    - and a cleaning kit, Hydrophobic pen and some stickers. Oh, and a free soft bag given to me by the associate (just as I was looking to buy one)...score!

    Pics to come later, it's too late tonight and I'm lazy!
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

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    nice x-mas gifts :eek:)

    i'm still waiting for the new art series . . .
  3. S-works

    S-works 奥克利专家

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    wow!! looks like u had a really good day!!

    congrats on all the new pickups!
  4. the piper

    the piper Oakley Collector

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    wow..back when I was still buying it was a shorter story
    "There's a sale at Oakley"
    Honestly I am glad they aren't making stuff I like since 07 but for those that dig the artist series and eventual 750 piece Shaun white line
    Go for it! Shaun water bottles and Shaun women's bathing suitshave got to be just around the corner
  5. yoshi1984

    yoshi1984 I love working Dispatch

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    congra'ts dude. glad you had fun at f&f. also cool your wife found some glasses she liked, that's pretty rare for us o fans haha.
  6. Peeza21

    Peeza21 African in the United Kingdom

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    Awesome scores!! And nice Christmas pressies for you!!
  7. SpliceD

    SpliceD B-)

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    Awesome that your wife let you drop that much on (mostly) yourself.

    I have the white split jackets too. Just a heads up though, the Jawbone and Split Jackets share the same earsocks. You can get them in blue to KINDA match the lenses, bolts, and icons. I say "kinda" because they're all different shades of blue, but in the sunlight, they blend enough to match. I could post pics if you're interested.
  8. jiveSEVEN

    jiveSEVEN I Should Work at Oakley...

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    Aww brah congrats! That is freakin awesome hehe.
  9. Uluahunter

    Uluahunter Oakley Collector

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    Mahalo nerd! I don't even want to start looking at something new and taking the chance of liking them...so the art series will have to wait for me, hehe! Good luck when it comes out though!

    Mahalo S-works! Yup, awesome day...one of my best ever at an O-store!

    Hahaha, I can relate piper. I think wifey was having a generous moment yesterday, it'll be back to normal soon. Not saying that normal's bad or anything :redface:.

    Mahalo yosh!! Yup, had a great time...anytime I can buy something at the O-store is a good time! It was a bonus that wifey actually shopped too, my fingers are crossed hoping for an addiction to start :laugh:.

    Mahalo Peeza! Yup, awesome is right! Freakin awesome is better!!! LOL

    Mahalo Splice! Yup, it's pretty rare that I'm able to spend that much scripts on myself (especially after having our 2 kids). LOL

    Thanks also for the head's up on the SJ's. I didn't cross my mind to start customizing my pair, but at least I know now. If you have a spare moment, I'd love to see pics of yours. Mahalo!

    Mahalo jive! Yup, it WAS...FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! LOL! I wish the same kind of day to all my O forum family this holiday season too!!!
  10. Jummeltje

    Jummeltje Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    haha, really enjoyed your little story! :) Nice pickups!