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  1. luddy2009

    luddy2009 Oakley Beginner

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    Ok, so I wanted to ask the Oakley forum for some help. I've been planning a nice Christmas vacation for a few years now. I really want to go to Hawaii for the week of Christmas.

    So, here's my issue: I'm not sure if I want to spend my vacation on the island of Oahu (where Waikiki and Honolulu are) or if I want to go to the island of Maui.

    Oahu has some of the best nightlife and a mixture of just about everything. Maui is about the same with less nightlife and more of a laid-back relaxation atmosphere in comparison to the hustle and bustle of Oahu. Oahu is more like the Los Angeles of Hawaii while Maui is more like the, I would venture to say, country setting. I've done some research and is seems like Oahu has it all when it comes to having everything but, Maui seems to as well; just more laid back and slower paced.

    I'm 28 years old and I'm flying solo. So, I'm guessing that the hustle and bustle part would be somewhat of a welcome but, I'm not really a huge nightlife guy. I'm more of the relax when possible and do some sightseeing type. I'll be there for about 5-7 days. I want to snorkel/scuba dive, kayak, some surf lessons (never been surfing before), see some beautiful nature sights, and do some shopping and relaxing on the beach.

    If going to Oahu, I was thinking about staying at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore to stay somewhat away from Honolulu and Waikiki for a more peaceful stay and then just visit as needed or wanted.
    Not sure where to stay on Maui if I were to go there. Recommendations would be great.

    Any suggestions would be great.
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  2. Playmaker

    Playmaker Oakley Beginner

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    Go to the big island and stay in Kona. It has a small night life and has everything else you want.
  3. Duke Nivram

    Duke Nivram (Something Clever)

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    There are a couple Members on here who live on Hawaii they might have the best answers for you
  4. I'll be heading to Hawaii in October. I'll be on Honolulu, but i've heard Maui is the better option.
  5. Smurf_AZ

    Smurf_AZ Oakley Enthusiast

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    Oahu without question. I recommend North Shore. Second vote would be Kauai very very beautiful.
  6. knirb

    knirb Oakley Beginner

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    I hear Wailea beach in Maui is a nice place to vacation.
  7. Oakster

    Oakster Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Kauai for me any day. Going back for 16 days in November. A bit of a crapshoot for weather though.
  8. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    I'm taking a week in Kona in January for a wedding. Should be fun.
  9. dallious

    dallious Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    I spend alot of time in Kona, been to all the islands but something about Kona thats special.
  10. lsingh

    lsingh Oakley Enthusiast

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    I went to Hawaii last year and it was fun . We took a 10 days vacation 3 says on big island 4 days in Maui and 3 days in Honolulu. The only thing I can suggest that u didn't like Honolulu as much because its so dAmm busy . Maui and big island were are best days . Honolulu is more commercial city if u are I to clubbing and stuff Honolulu is good . If u are into surfing and nature and more peace big island and maui