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If they're like a mirror glass finish, it could be pair by guy name of Paul. He isn't a Oakley collector but someone with a lot of experience in chrome plating who fancied the supreme pairs but didn't want to spend the dough for em. I connected with him about 3.5 years ago an he said he stopped making the chrome frogs about a year before then (~5 years?) - but I haven't been in recent touch with him. In case you know where your guy got them originally - Paul was based out of NYC but travelled between Chicago and Va as well.

From memory he primarily offered them in gold (were slightly darker in tone than supreme version) & silver (highly reflective like the chrome on chopper bike) but did try a couple in colors; green, red, magenta purple & electric blue. According to one customer who owned both the Supreme examples themselves, said his were like having sunglasses made out of mirror glass whereas the real deal had an ever so slight orange peel effect to them in some spots.
interesting. If he did it’s an incredible custom job

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