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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by jfiori, 7/21/11.

  1. jfiori


    I just read a post about trouble with the FMJ finish peeling off and something about an orange jawbone being delayed for a couple months to only then find out the finish was peeling off of those too. I got to thinking, has anyone else had an issue with the chrome peeling of they're BMX chrome Jawbones?

    I had this same issue years back with a pair of electric mustard eye jackets and then again with a pair of mag switch's that I still have. I was told by an Oakley rep that it has to do with the oil or sweat from your face breaking down the finish, which makes sense as it's always where the frame is touching you.

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  2. The Game

    The Game

    im sure it can happen to the bmx jawbones, i hope people are aware so they arent surprised when it happens

  3. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    It is the sweat (actually its the acid in the sweat so YMMV depending on your body chemistry). The issue with the Atomic Orange Jawbone was totally different as that was simply finish not adhering to the frame. Fact is I have yet to see a FMJ finish that holds up long term.

  4. FearGearGarage


    If you wipe them down after use it may help to prevent the problem is what I was told. But I would call Oakley customer service and see if they can help by maybe replacing the pair for you...

  5. jfiori


    I tried that, I live in Canada and customer service here is maybe not as able to help. What I mean is they don't have the parts for the limited edition glasses in the warranty department, they offered me any stock pair of frames for $40 as they are out of warranty. I asked if they would replace the frame with a pair of echelon jawbones as they are both limited editions and they don't have those in warranty either because they aren't the stock colours. Even if they were within the 1 year warranty period the best they could do is replace them with a stock colour for free.

  6. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    The good thing is that after you pay a premium for the L.E., when they fail later because you actually wore them, you get a cheaper unlimited edition variant for free. Can't beat a deal like that

  7. jfiori


    That's what I thought too. Sweet maybe I'll just get myself a pair of matte black ones, I'll go from the most off the wall and different pair to the most stock boring set they've ever sold. I'm going to try calling Oakley in the US to see if there is some way they can help me.

  8. ucdavis4PT0gpa



    Reminds me of the time I called for a replacement earsock kit for my XX 24K and they offered to give me a credit on some plasma fire Juliets. Right. I mean, its still a Juliet but talk about going vanilla. I almost get the sense they're trying to get these vintage pieces off the street and I'm curious why and what they do with them when they do

  9. S-works


    I wear my chrome Jawbones quite often... Fortunately, no signs of peeling, I hope it stays that way... In fact, I do wear all my limited eds in rotation..
    That said, I do wipe them down whenever I get a chance and before I put it back in storage.

    It sucks that they don't have replacement parts for L.E.s, not sure what are they thinking of...

  10. jfiori


    Always glad to see another person who wears them too. I just don't understand how some of you guys can leave them in the display and just look at them, don't get me wrong I'm not saying your wrong I just can't resist the urge to wear them, and the more unique the more I am tempted to always wear them. Also god to see another S-Works fan, myself I also enjoy great bikes. I own a S-works Shiv, and S-Works Tarmac SL-3 Cavendish limited edition. Oh and yeah I ride the limited edition there too while I wear limited edition Jawbones, I hope to add a S-Works Venge to the quiver next season. Not sure how I can hide that from the misses, Oakley's aren't hard once you have a case with 20 or so pairs, she doesn't even notice another pair tucked in there, but she's going to catch on when she comes home and my car is on the driveway because the garage is full of bikes. Looks like I might have to go buy some diamond earrings.

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