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Chrystl with new Prizm lenses


Oakley Enthusiast
The Netherlands
Managed to scoop these out of the Google cache just like I did with the Radar EV Advancer. Search for: Oakley oo4136

They are called the Oakley Chrystl, don't know how to properly pronounce this. I guess you pronounce this like "Crystal".
They look a bit like the Apparition but with an extra aviator bridge like the new Mercenary. The good news is they are not as flat as a pancake but have a slight curve and some new Prizm lenses are coming.

Here they are, from top to bottom:
Prizm Indigo, this is a new Prizm lens
Prizm Indigo again, this time from the side
Prizm Black
Prizm Grey
Prizm Ruby
Prizm Berry, also a new Prizm lens
Prizm Black
Prizm Sapphire








Prizm Indigo looks more promising to me than Prizm Berry. Prizm Berry seems way too light and Indigo looks a bit like Prizm Daily which is a really great Prizm lens.

Let me know what you think about them!

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Definitely not for me either, but I get that the brand is trying to crossover to to this....semi-wire frame trend thingy that I see with other brands. I can't get bitter over something I'm unlikely to buy anyway.

The lenses...not sure what they're doing. I was under the impression they'd tie every name to a purpose, but they're just building upon color names.

Brad: I made the ugliest sunglasses ever!
Chad: Hold my beer brah!

That's how the Oakley design department sounds in my mind...