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  1. Maciej

    Maciej Oakley Beginner

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    Hi all,

    I know i might be repeating some other threads, but i could not find any proper guide about how to clean the goggle lenses - I found plenty on the sunglasses, but not the goggles. Does thesame scheme apply i.e. use the bag to wipe out the outside of the lens witha bit of water and mild soap? Also, what about the inside of the lens (i heard water should not be used...).

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated (I only got my airbrakes today, so total newbie)
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  2. Oakley for life

    Oakley for life Oakley Expert

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    I just have always used my breath and the microfiber bag. Also, if you fall and get snow on the inside of the goggle, do not wipe the lens, as the snow crystals can scratch the lens, just shack out as much snow as you can, and then put it back on and the heat from your face will melt the snow.
  3. .hardware

    .hardware Oakley Beginner

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    Best thing for the outside is the Oakley cleaning kit. And it's refillable! Never touch the inside if there is moisture. I Usually wait till the end of the day and wipe the inside of the lens very gently with a dry microbag. Others wise the anti fog treatment applied to the lens can come off and ruin your lens.