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  1. brmbota

    brmbota Oakley Beginner

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    Hi everyone, I come form Croatia ex Yugoslavia(Europe), first Oakley's I got were "Jacket" sunglasses back in 1995 just after war in Yugoslavia I sold some engine oil to some guy and ofcourse I did not get the money so I was taking what he had and I got my first Oakley item. Since than my fond, interest and love to this brand grove, and where ever I had chance to buy something I did. Now I own lot of Oakley Items from Clothing, sunglasess, Watches, shoes, accesories. And I would like to poin out my colection of X-metal sunglasses in wich are Romeo 1, Juliet, XX, Penny and Half-X, also for me very nice watches GMT, Jury and Time Bomb II Limited. I have to mention Hardshell backpack first edition wich was the best looking backpack ever to my opinion. And ofcourse MEDUSA Hat.
    In my country there where few tries of Oakley dealership but all were sentenced to failure because non of them was true Oakley lover, and Oakley was to them just one of the Brands to try to earn something little more.
    I strongly argue that there is no bigger Oakley collector, expert and admirer in my Country(Croatia) and maybe in region(ex-yugoslavia). And I tried in several attempts to assure Oakley representatives to give me the chance to put Oakley brand in this region to a higher level where I think it belongs with its peculiarity and futuristic design, but It always end up in few e-mail responds and "We'll get back to you". Now in my last attempt they routed me to an East Europe representative wich is in Hungary(Mofo kft.) and I am in contact with them, and we should have meeting soon I hope. But I doubt that thay can do much for what I have seen so far. Because my last attempt was started when I saw that they gave dealership to some woman wich opened store 3 monts ago and as I can see is now close to closing because they do not know how to sell Oakley, and I have more Oakley items at my home than they in their store!
    But anyway that is not theme for this topic:)
    I am glad that you made this forum.
    Regards from Croatia
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. SpliceD

    SpliceD Supposed to be Semi-Retired...

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    Welcome and post some pictures of your collection!