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Collecting Oakley - What Gets Your Goat ?

Yeah , I think we all hate the hit and miss duty surrounding posting , when something arrives without any additional issues/cost it is like winning the lottery !!!! Also on customs not all are equal but there are some talented people out there . If you are talking about changing the rubbers and passing them off as something else I hear you. People should be honest about changes that have been made.
To buy a pair of glasses, or win an auction pair, at a good price. Then have the seller cancel your payment, make up some bull---t story, then see it re-listed with a higher starting price.
Nail on head matey , knowing full well that some other collector has gone behind your back and done a deal !!! A man is only as good as his word.
Ok I will start - Oakley stuff for sale on the Bay , if a seller is going to ask $350 bucks for a pair of glasses they should at least try and get the name right . They are asking big money but don't want to do the research as to why it is worth that price - doomed to failure.

The use of the term vintage , I could go on for hours about this one , but why do sellers constantly use the term to describe glasses that were massed produced less than 8 years ago by an Italian tractor company who has a factory in China.

The use of rare - well most of the time they aren't, if they did a search of the Bay they would see 5 others for sale probably all cheaper and if they looked at the sold section they would find another 8.