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*Collecting Payments For The Water Transfer Graphics Group Buy*


Double Team
Premium Member
Portland, OR
I figured it would be easier to start in a new thread to get payment and everything going. Here is who is on the list:

1. Batwolf - 2 pairs
2. Nyarlathotep - 2 pairs PAYMENT SENT
3. OBlazer - 1 pair PAYMENT SENT
4. echav23 - 3 pairs PAYMENT SENT
5. stoudty1 - 1 pair PAYMENT SENT
6. Oakleynerd - 2 pairs PAYMENT SENT
7. tmac777331 - 2 pairs PAYMENT SENT

I will update with who has paid as I collect everything. This is how it will work:

- Each pair is $30
- You will pay for shipping the glasses to me and for me to send it to them (read next line)
- Add $10 to cover return shipping from the company and me returning the glasses to you
- Add 3% to total for PayPal fees
- Remove lenses, icons, and rubber pieces if they apply
- Put each pair of glasses into a ziploc bag and on a piece of paper write down what pattern number you want or if it is a custom or solid color please provide a printout showing the color/scheme you want (please put piece of paper with each pair of glasses in baggie)
- Please carefully wrap all of your glasses with bubble wrap or foam pieces
- I will send out all the glasses at one time once I receive them from everyone
- Turn around time appears to be 2-3 weeks, it might be longer though since we are sending them so many pairs; I will confirm this once I send the glasses to them

If anyone has any questions about any of this or on a design you want and aren't sure if it will work, let me know. PM me for PayPal information.

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Staff member
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hopefully all member will post the results in one thread . . .
than i will know what they do next for me :dance3: