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Collectors Regret

Craig Perkins

Oakley Expert
California, USA
I'm sure there are posts that are probably similar to this on here but I'll ask anyway. Does anyone ever look at their collection and just think of all the other stuff you could have done with the money you spent on it? Personally I don't have a huge collection but from time to time I think about what I could have done instead.

Feel free to weigh in with your opinion about this.

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Sometimes- but....if you shop right (i.e. don't pay retail or even close if it can be avoided and/or collect desirable models) Oakley's can hold their value pretty well. I also collect Jordan's/Sneakers and watches and I take care of all of them. In about 3/4ths of the cases across Oakley, shoes, watches I can resell here, other forums or eBay and MAKE money on my items. In the other 1/4th of cases I recoup at LEAST 75% of what I paid. So...MANY times I've sold a pair of shoes for a pair of Oakley's or vice versa. I sold off a couple X-Metals a few years ago for a 15% profit over what I paid for them less than a year before that and that money financed a dozen modifications to my new car. So, again, if you do it right- its almost more like they're a savings account than a money pit.

I do! I'll look at what I have and certain ones that I should have bought instead. Tastes change as time goes on. Unfortunately I missed out being a newer member as well. Looking at past deals the are closed. Spending thousands and realizing that you can't get the return is tough as well. You are definitely not alone in this.

My only regret is not buying more when the were at rock bottom as it stands my wardrobe has increased in value which is a bonus and with choice items will continue to do so.
I'm a lot less fussy about items I buy as everything gets worn hence wardrobe instead of collection, if i was lucky enough to pick up something rare new in box i'd trade it in as I believe the true value is the enjoyment in the use and the compliments that go with it.

I do not. Along the lines of m3du5a, I see my collection as a sort of investment, tangible stuff that I can touch, feel, use and enjoy. You can't use and enjoy an ETrade account or similar but I can wear and enjoy sunnies and glasses.
Just like any other investment, if you buy the right stuff and buy it right they are not (yet?) depreciating assets. Maybe not necessarily highly appreciating assets- and what investments are anymore? - but at least a place to park some money where you can use and enjoy it.
Now if you've purchased a lot of run-of-the-mill stuff at full retail then yes, you might have a pang of regret or two...

Regret was i stopped collecting for a long period of time. I missed some of those exclusive pieces now they are too expensive to even afford it:(

I regret not getting in sooner so I could have gotten R1s at retail. Also regret not getting a C-Six.