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For Sale Coloured & X-Metal grey screws, various sizes

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I've a limited supply of specially made T8 screws in various sizes for R1 orbitals, R2 hinges, or shortened version hinge screws for any other your x-metal frames
Available in various colours: X-metal grey, 24k, polished, blue, satin brushed, or violet. These are all specially coated and are not painted, like the rest of my stuff from my workshop.

These are T8 sized for better protection against stripping and more bite on your shaft. They should be @SecretNinja proof, who is renowned to strip more than he screws.

All types of screws are the same special price :

$5 USD ea + $1 CONUS ship via my parcel forwarder. Please note that I've a big shipment due to leave Australia and hit US in a week's time. My parcel forwarder will mail out to US residents within the week.

$7 AUD ea + $1 Australia ship.

International customers contact me for other arrangements. I've parcels due out to Indonesia & UK in about a fortnight so it may be possible to organize bargain shipping rates.

All payments can be made to my US paypal or AU paypal for fee free F&F payments.

DSC_5462 copy.jpg

DSC_5502 copy.jpg

DSC_5496 copy.jpg
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Do you want me to put them through my extensive testing? I'm a vulture, lol. Send me a pair and, I'll give you an honest review. Only if I don't strip the origionals coming out of my frames. ;)
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Now also available in different finishes and colors: Brushed, polished, violet, blue, 24k, and x-metal.

Special promo price $5 ea in any color; available as R1 orbital screws or shortened hinge screws that'd fit any x-metal frames.

Again, these are T8 strip-resistant steel screws. They'll grip your driver with a nice secure fit.

DSC_5467 copy.jpg
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Nice work! Those will look great on my everyday Romeo
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Now also available in hinge screw size for R2
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Still waiting for Half X screws. Lol. Yes @jdd32, I strip everything I get my hands on. But, I wreck the head.
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