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Comparable to Fast Jacket frame width


Oakley Beginner
My favorite pair of Oakley's, the Fast Jacket XL I'm trying to find a new model comparable in width but I can't seem to find anything close or an accurate Oakley specs website with updated information on new models. Thus my search has led me hear to this forum. I have a pair of Flak Draft which I barely wear. I'm looking at the Flak 2.0 or Speed Jacket.

My reasons for wanting a wide frame model so they don't stay pressed against my temple for a long time which causes breakouts. I have oily skin lol!

Any suggestions preferably separated lenses.

Thank you!!

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Oakley Expert
Flak 2.0 Asian fit (or low bridge fit I believe they are calling it now) is very similar in fit/width to the fast jacket.