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Computer / Gaming Glasses


Oakley Beginner
Just curious if anyone wears glasses made for Computer / Gaming ?

I'm looking for something that eases the strain on my eyes as I'm in front of a computer at a minimum of 8 Hours a day.
Add on that PS3 gaming 5-8 hours of gaming a week.

I found Gunnar Optiks in my search but would really be interested if anyone has tried these or has other suggestions.
I saw an add up top on here for "performance gaming glasses" and it made be laugh!

It appears they just use yellow lenses though so maybe find a pair of Oakley's with yellow or persimmon.
haha sometimes i wear my gold iridium lenses in front of my computer, helps with screen glare, i feel. basically anything that cuts glare+light transmission, but ups the contrast slightly (so everyhitng on the screen is still clear) would suit..
I would think that most eye strain is involved if you are gaming or looking at a screen for a long time in a dark room.
My office environment is very bright.
Florescent lighting plus full length windows.
Management wont permit us to lower the blinds :(

I have an M Frame with persimmon , Will see if those help at home but not wearing an M Frame in a office environment.